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My Guruji Also Say
"Stay hungry Stay Foolish." -iSteve Job"
"Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep. - APJ Abdul Kalam ”

Nominee"2013" National Technology Semiar of Web-World.
and Wining 1700INR MotherBoard in Gigabyte Company Quiz.
I'm a villager so many of deficulty of right Knowledge Gaining but i see The Dream to every Day To Change the World and i try every field to making new products and experiment to old and waste materials in my town is near industrial area so some friendship some boys who work on factories . so some waste materials are geting my friends factories there his live's

In One Day Engineering Day i present a Presentaion when Whole College are there in big seminar hall when i start and my college profesor are disqwalifed my and tell me "get out the whole" when time i realized very bad and never support any student and Facultis then i decide and think to i change one day the world when everybudy are wrong about me.then i think every day and i get a coon idea.

Coon History One Daiy i Was Eat CherryBerry and i Think a Idea Of www.COON.in tell many friends to work with me but all are tell Nagativeti about of my think(coon). and every budy focus only % of degree and marksheet. One Friend are Support Me Er.Brajesh Mahajan.We Start a Developing a coon in Basic HTML and 1 Year After we Lanched a www.Coon.co.in and coon only 2 month have a great respons after 2 month hosting purching time is end the coon is stop working . because we don't have a money and i'm form villege and medium family so i can't purches a web-space and Augest 2014 i lanched a re-opeing a coon that name is change -www.coon.in and only 5 Day's are coon rating in very High.

Now COON is run very fast to helping a people . And Now I Found Another New Way I start a NEW COMPANY called "SPARROW SOFTWARE " . sO Visit and Hope you will Work with Us ......www.sparrowcompany.in

Latest Projects

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COON - Click Engine

That Click Engine is provide you to remove your typing. it give you to less time, comfusions and more only 1 click to access whole the world and save you MB. This is your Web Remote.

Way To Go

project name

Sparrow - Software Company

sparrow company is a indore (M.P.) B ased company provide so many types of works like web design, web development, web development training, mobile app development, graphic design, marketing and product designing, email template designing. web design- we design simple static websites, responsive websites using HTML/CSS, HTML5, flash websites designing, simple HTML to Wordpress theme. web development- we develop all types of websites like static website or dynamic website development in PHP, Wordpress, Java, Jsp, .net development, joomla, meg mobile app development- android app development, iphone app development, windows phone app development, blackberry app developments, app development company in indore web development training- we provide web development training in indore at very low amount of fee. we provide traing in php web development, training in web designing in html5 and javascript and AJAX.

Way To Go

Work Experience

Trade Officer Score Board Manufacturing (2017 - Present)

Co-Founder - MD Textile (2016 - Present)

Co-Founder - Navrang Press (2015 - Present)

Co-Founder - MD Enterprises (2015 - Present)

CEO & Co-Founder - COON (2010 - Present)

Scientist & Researcher - IISF (INDORE,INDIA) (2009 - Present)

Artist - Indore Exhibition (2005 - Present)

Teacher - Shree Moni Vidhya Nikiten School, Indore (2009 - Present)

Writer - The RED BOOK OF HTML (2012 - Present)


COON (COON.CO.IN) - First Uniq Click Engnine (2010 - Present)

Nominee "2013" - National Technology Semiar of Web-World (2009 - Present)

Wining 1700INR IMotherBoard in Gigabyte Company Quiz. (2005 - Present)

Naming Ceremony - "MAC" by Teachers

"Maddy" by Friends
(2009 - Present)

Publishing Book - The RED BOOK OF HTML (2012 - Present)